i wont be coming back to this account, at least not any time soon
if you dont already have my new url, like this post and ill see you on the other side

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god dammit i just triggerd myself ogn top of everything else im fucking done

im fucking done ill figure out what to do about everyone tomorrow i cannot stay here its taking every ounce of my stregth not to break down rihg now

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this is radical feminism


this is what they do and how they fight and what they fight for and who they fight against

if you identify as a radical feminist

we cannot be friends. ever. get the fuck out of my life.

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i dont know what to do

i dont know what the fuck to do

if anyone wants to… i dont know, argue with them, send them messages

heres where theyre reblogging me

but seriously only click if you KNOW you can handle it please be safe



i just


i dont know.

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boyfiction replied to your post: ive never remade before how do i make sure i dont…

um when i did i left a tab up of everyone i follow, then made the new account and followed back in another tab

i follow 1359 people

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ive never remade before

how do i make sure i dont forget anyone

i dont want to leave anyone behind

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the radfems found me

theyre explicitly saying im not a lesbian and calling me a straight man and saying that lesbians dont have dicks

thatll teach me to talk about my life

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30 Days of Comics // Favorite DC Character
↳ Cassandra Cain

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Guys please, Pe' Sla is in danger


There’s 54 hours left and they only have 300,000. Without this money these people will lose a place that is ancient and sacred to them because the government wants to make a fucking highway.

This place means a lot to these people, and it’s being stolen from them.

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Super Girlfriends → Barbara Gordon & Dinah Lance

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15 Things Tumblr Staff Could Have Done Instead


  1. Add the ability to block hateful anons.
  2. Make it so that it’s possible to unfollow deactivated blogs.
  3. Make asks rebloggable. 
  4. Improve the search function.
  5. Get rid of the ask limit.
  6. Get rid of the character limit in asks.
  7. Do away with fanmail.
  8. Add a chat/PM function.
  9. Get rid of the pointless (and vaguely illegal) MissingE warning.
  10. Add wrap around tags.
  11. Take user complaints about racist threats more seriously.
  12. Make it possible to reply to replies.
  13. Publish a novel.
  14. Learn to juggle.
  15. Taken a poll on what tumblr users actually want done instead of just blithely changing things on a whim and not bothering to tell anyone about it. 

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did someone tell tumblr to change the layout again because i really doubt anyone asked for that

and yet here we are

why dont you fix some of the actual problems you have tumblr

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for fucks sake please tag sexualized men i dont know how many times i have to say it

tags i block: #sexy dudes, #pomfing, #nsfwdudes, #suddenlytrigger, #dude tag, #dudes, #boys

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im probably going to try to stay off tumblr again today

however im home by myself so its possible ill get really bored and come back

but yesterday fucked me up and this place still scares me right now

and on top of that im pretty sure someone is ignoring me in a pretty important conversation

tumblr is supposed to be a place where i can escape to, not that i have to escape from

but it just doesnt feel safe for me right now

so idk

we’ll see

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